100K Firecrackers to Pop at Beloved Chinatown Run

What to Know

  • Sunday, Feb. 17 run/walk 5/10k

  • Saturday, Feb. 16 bike ride (20 or 40 miles)

  • The free Firecracker Festival is happening on both days

The sound most Southern Californians have heard in recent days?

Call it a splash or a spurt or a drip-drip-drip. Describe it as damp or sloshy or moist. Put it down as a watery aural experience or something that makes a pitter-patter near your ear.

In short?

Raindrops have reigned, and, yes, rained, throughout a good chunk of February thus far, but a different sound will hold spectacular sway, in Chinatown, on the morning of Sunday, Feb. 17.

It might be a crackle inside the mind of your ear, or a zzzhhh-zzzhhh sensation, or the classic pop-pop-pop.

However you describe 100,000 firecrackers being set alight is up to you, of course, but you’ll need to experience it in person to truly understand the sparkly, pop-filled show it so dramatically delivers.

Where to find this show? At the LA Chinatown Firecracker, of course, a run/walk that begins with a bevy of firecrackers, all popping at once.

The Feb. 17 5/10k, which will lap by some of DTLA’s best-loved landmarks, isn’t the only happening on the popular weekend’s packed itinerary, however.

There’s a bike ride on Saturday, Feb. 16, and the Firecracker Festival on both days, and the Paw’er Dog Walk (that’s on Saturday, too).

The festival? It’s free, oh yeah, and it “… celebrates the cultural diversity and talent of Los Angeles over the course of two days.”

The whole shebang? It’s been pop-pop-pop-ing up our worlds for over four decades, making it one of the true long-runners on the Lunar New Year scene. 

Immortals Lion Dance Troupe, the Parmalee Elementary School Choir, and Kodama Taiko are all on the 2019 schedule.

And those firecrackers? Again, they’ll lend a loud and joyful soundtrack to Sunday morning, just ahead of the race. Get your firecracker 411 now.

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