Chase suspect hides in apartment complex garage in Los Angeles


Authorities chased a reckless driving suspect from Santa Clarita into Los Angeles, where the suspect tried to hide in an apartment complex’s garage Tuesday night.

The chase started around 11 p.m. when a driver failed to yield in the Newhall Pass area. The chase eventually ended up in the San Fernando Valley, where the suspect exited onto surface streets.

At some points, the suspect hit speeds as high as 75 mph as he or she weaved through traffic and blew through stoplights on streets.

The dark colored Kia eventually made it into the Burbank area before getting onto the southbound 5 Freeway.

After a short time, the suspect exited the freeway and got onto Riverside Drive near Hyperion Avenue. The suspect followed a vehicle into a gated apartment complex. A few seconds later, the gate closed behind the suspect’s vehicle.

Authorities eventually surrounded the gate in search of the suspect.

The suspect’s vehicle was found, but authorities continued searching for the driver overnight.

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