Cool Kids Evelyn and Emily are inspiring teens to explore politics

High schoolers Evelyn Madrigal and Emily Gabion are leading the way for the YMCA’s Youth and Government program.

“It gives someone like me who may not have a lot of representation in the government, a chance to have an opportunity within it,” Emily said.

Evelyn has been with the program for four years and is a role model to many.

“They call me the mom of the delegation because I’m the oldest and I take snacks, I take water, I make sure everyone’s fine, not falling asleep,” Evelyn said.

Thanks to the YMCA program, fears of public speaking have faded away. Their dreams for the future have also expanded, Evelyn hopes to start a nonprofit one day to bring music to children in hospitals.

“It’s a music organization to (help) those kids who are in hospitals, that are not able to come out because they’re on machines or oxygen,” said Evelyn. “I feel that it’s very important that something from the outside world meets them inside the hospitals.”

The YMCA program has Emily thinking about a career in politics and she encourages others to follow their passion.

“If we can get more teenagers like me and my delegation to be politically involved and just involved with their passions in general, I really feel like I have a lot of hope for our next generation,” she said.

Evelyn and Emily are incredibly ambitious and thanks to the YMCA’s Youth and Government program, they have the tools to chase those dreams.

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