Man Suffers Gunshot and Stabbing Wounds Inside Glendale Café – NBC Los Angeles

A man suffered from gunshot and stabbing wounds after an altercation happened inside a Glendale café on Sunday.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. inside the Paradise Pastry & Café in Glenoaks Blvd., but the bakery stated through their social media platforms that the incident that occurred had nothing to do with their establishment, their customers, nor their staff.

The officers found the man outside the bakery, and he was transported to a nearby hospital.

Police say paramedics took him to County USC, where he went into surgery.

Authorities have no outstanding suspects at the moment.

They didn’t say how many times the man was shot and stabbed, or how he knew his attacker, or whether they are related.

The only information they released was that both the victim and a person of interest are adult males.

“Just after 2p.m., there’s a lot of people out and about, so I’d say that, yeah, that’s something that’s uncommon in that part of our town and really, Glendale as a whole,” Sgt. Christian Hauptmann, with Glendale Police, said.

They said detectives also asked several nearby businesses for their surveillance video, including the owners of Paradise Pastry & Café, so they can review that footage.

An investigation is currently underway.

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