Plans to Play in the Snow This Weekend Might Need to be Postponed Due to Road Conditions

Those who were planning to visit the San Bernardino National Forest for some fun in the snow might need to change their weekend plans.

The storm that drenched Southern California on Valentine’s Day prompted the closure of several mountain areas and U.S. Forest Service roads that will make it extremely hard, if not temporarily impossible, for visitors to arrive to their destination.

Southern California Mountain Snow DaysSouthern California Mountain Snow Days

According to San Bernardino National Forest officials, routes leading to the Idyllwild and Big Bear areas have been damaged by the storm and impacted highways 18, 38, 74 and 243.

Surrounding areas are currently inaccessible to non-residents and Caltrans is urging the public to use their Caltrans’ Quickmap tool to keep up to date with new closings and re-openings over the weekend.

As highway closures remain, the play area in Snow Valley, Highway 18, Bee Canyon, an off-highway area off Highway 74 and Idyllwild areas remain closed as well.

The visitor center in Idyllwild at the San Jacinto Roger Station will be closed throughout the weekend, but The Big Bear Discovery Center will reopen on Saturday. However, it’s important to note that phones and internet are out in the area.

The Lytle Creek Visitor Center will be open, but the following Forest Service roads are closed:


  • 1N33 (leads to West End Gun Club)
  • 1N34 (San Servaine)
  • 2N56 (Sheep Cyn)
  • 2N58 (Middle Fork)
  • 2N79 (Penstock)
  • 3N06 (Stockton Flats)
  • 3N29 (off Lone Pine Cyn)
  • 3N31Y (Upper Lytle Divide)
  • 3N33 (Stockton Flats area)
  • 1N34 (San Sevaine)
  • 1N12 (leading to Thomas Hunting Grounds)
  • 2N43 (Sawpit Canyon)
  • 2N49 (Sugarpine Mountain)
  • 3N14 (Coxey)


For more information on closures unrelated to the storm, visit the San Bernardino National Forest website. To report damage, you can do so here.

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