So Mammoth Is Under So. Much. Snow Right Now

Remember that year where you could still ski at Mammoth Mountain in early August? You don’t need to scratch your noggin or think too hard about it: It was pretty recent, as in 2017. Now, yes, August 2019 is still quite a ways off, but one gets the feeling that the summertime slope action at the famous Sierra destination may push well beyond Memorial Day, if this current storm is any indication.

For a representative for the ski resort predicts that the popular mountain spot may see some nine feet of snow by Tuesday night, Feb. 5, thanks to the 4 to 6.75 already on the ground and the expected 2.5 feet still to come. Yep: That means a total of over nine feet. Whoa.

As for how fab these flakes are, overall? “Colder temperatures throughout this storm system have resulted in excellent snow quality,” is the good and glacial word.

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