What Super Bowl Recipe Is Your State Extra Interested in

Sure, everyone eats chicken wings for the Super Bowl. But who’s looking to make fried chicken wings?

People in Arkansas, according to a Google analysis of the most uniquely searched recent Super Bowl recipes across the country. It’s Pennsylvanians who are most interested in making regular chickens wings.

The results from Google Trends show what Super Bowl recipes were trending in each state compared to the rest of the country in the week leading up to Wednesday. It doesn’t show what recipes are most popular in each state — rest easy, spinach dip haters in New York and Texas, the map isn’t saying spinach dip is more popular than wings or chips where you live.

Massachusetts and California, home to the two teams playing the Super Bowl, appear to be more health conscious, uniquely searching for gluten-free pretzels in the land of the Patriots and baked chicken breasts in the Rams’ home state.

And in Georgia, which is hosting the Super Bowl, people have been searching more for Buffalo chicken dip.

Cake seems to be an extra-enticing recipe for Super Bowl parties across the country: in New Hampshire, Florida, Tennessee, Wyoming, Arizona and Washington state.

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